Episode 48: “Jimmy Carter” by Blue Mountain

In the summer of 1995, the Oxford, Mississippi based band Blue Mountain would release their sophomore effort Dog Days. The album would contain a tribute to our nation’s 39th president and all-around good human being, Jimmy Carter. In celebration of this great man’s 99th birthday, In Loving Recollection alumna Laurie Stirratt and her Blue Mountain bandmate Cary Hudson tell the story of their song “Jimmy Carter.”

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  1. loved this podcast about Jimmy Carter on his 99th birthday! President Carter & his wife has continued to do so much for all people from those needing housing, elderly & their caregivers as Dementia takes over the elderly’s life & caregivers are left to figure out what to & how to do for them. Ongoing programs to make living with dementia possible have been made possible through the Carter’s work.

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