Episode 31: The Nerves EP by The Nerves

During their brief time together, the legendary power pop trio The Nerves struggled to gain any sort of recognition. In an effort to remedy the situation, the San Francisco based band would enter a Chinese recording studio and make a record. In Episode 31, The Nerves’ Paul Collins and Jack Lee tell the story of their classic 4 song EP, detailing the band’s formation as well as their various schemes and attempts at achieving rock and roll glory.

For more info on The Nerves, visit alive-records.com and thepaulcollinsbeat.com

One Reply to “Episode 31: The Nerves EP by The Nerves”

  1. thanks for getting these interviews!!! the NERVES are so seminal! so happy you got to talk to Jack Lee. I hope his family releases some of the songs in his vault. There has to be some gold in there!

    maybe post this and the other episodes on YouTube… i think people would find this and be excited.

    and thanks for the episodes about Elf Power, Elephant 6 and some the other Athens, GA bands!

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