Episode 53: The Jacket by Widowspeak

Having been based in Upstate New York for a time, Widowspeak’s Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas would make the decision in 2020 to return to the place where their band had first begun, Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, their return to the city would coincide with the entire world being shut down. It is under these abnormal circumstances that Hamilton and Thomas would begin to build the world in which their sixth album would exist. In Episode 53, the members of Widowspeak tell the story of their 2022 album The Jacket. Recounting the events that led to its creation, Hamilton and Thomas touch on the album’s concept and inspirations as well as their experience working with co-producer Homer Steinwiess at The Diamond Mine in Queens, New York. 

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Episode 52: Butter by Butter 08

While on tour in Japan with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, musician Russell Simins would meet Japanese expatriates Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda of the New York City based band Cibo Matto. Once all three were back in New York, they would form the band Butter 08 with Skeleton Key’s Rick Lee and graphic designer/ filmmaker Mike Mills. In Episode 52, Simins tells the story of how the band’s only record, 1996’s Butter, came to be. Recorded primarily at Greene Street Recordings in Manhattan, Simins delves into the experience of working there and producing the effort alongside Honda as well as the inspirations, both sonically and lyrically, behind the album’s tracks. 

Episode 11: City Music by Kevin Morby

Midwest native Kevin Morby has been one of the more consistent songwriters of his generation since his solo debut in 2013.  For Episode 11 of In Loving Recollection, Morby discusses the making of his 2017 record City Music. Speaking on the inspiration that New York played during the writing process, the artist also touches on his experience of recording with band mates Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) and Justin Sullivan (Night Shop) in Stinson Beach, California as well as working with the late, great Richard Swift. 

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