Episode 30: Cypress by Let’s Active

Having made a name for himself as an engineer and producer during the burgeoning college rock scene of the early 80s, Mitch Easter would form the band Let’s Active with bassist Faye Hunter and drummer Sara Romweber as a vehicle for his own songwriting. In Episode 30, Easter tells the story of the band’s 1984 debut full length Cypress. Recounting the events surrounding the album’s creation, the native North Carolinian touches on the band’s experience working in the studio he built inside his parents’ garage and how a bandmate’s really great hair would lead to their signing with I.R.S Records.

Episode 15: Emergency Third Rail Power Trip by Rain Parade

During the 1980s music scene known as the Paisley Underground, no other band effortlessly combined 60s Psychedelia with the DIY spirit of Punk better than Rain Parade. In episode 15 of In Loving Recollection, Rain Parade’s Matt Piucci tells the story of the band’s 1983 debut record Emergency Third Rail Power Trip touching on his early fruitful relationship with former bandmate and friend David Roback and the self discovery made while being in the recording studio for the first time.

Episode 6: Terminal by The Windbreakers

Jackson, Mississippi’s Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff recorded jangly power pop under the name the Windbreakers during the heyday of 80s college radio. In Episode 6 of In Loving Recollection, Lee tells the story of their 1985 record Terminal. Speaking on the events that led to the album’s creation, Lee touches on working with legendary producer Mitch Easter ( R.E.M, Let’s Active, Pavement) and how the isolation of Mississippi caused the band to create their own scene.

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